Conduct online sales at multiple addresses,
create additional Multi-Printing Houses.

Creating any number of printing houses
with differring offers

Possibility to create any number of printing houses under different brands with different graphics, a different target group and, above all, with a different offer.

Foreign sales, a shop for a partner agency, an additional shop for auction portals.

Main functionalities of the Reseller module

Possibility to sell under many independent brands. Each of these printing houses is connected to the mother printing house (E-commerce module) and it is the mother printing house that carries out all orders. You can operate additional stores either from the main printing house or from a separate store panel.

Creating any number of printers

Possibility to sell under multiple independent brands with different domain names, layouts, and different product offers


Possibility to sell services in different countries

Different layout

Appearance-based on your design, or free skin (7 options)

Automatic copying at multi printing houses

Automatic copying of articles, boxes, banners, data, and products from the mother's printing house

Connection with the mother printing house

Each of the shops is connected with the mother printing house and it is the mother printing house that carries out all orders


The customer pays the reseller. At the end of the month, the sales are summarized (over-invoicing)

Payments on the Internet

It is required to connect additional accounts for online payment

The way of commodifying products in the reseller

Anyway - the product in the reseller will have its separate way of commodifying, and thus freedom in setting prices (e.g. using a different calculator)
The RESELLER ONLY method - The prices of the product in the reseller will be taken from the main printing house, but they can be modified (decreased or increased) by a price multiplier that multiplies the price of the product in a given configuration by the said modifier, calculating the final cost


Possibility to sell in European Union countries with a zero VAT rate

Distinguishing orders

The possibility of adding tags to the order numbering will help to distinguish the printing house from which the order came

Infinite knowledge base and help on the spot

If you are looking for help in operating the IwarePrint system, check out our - a technical guide to the IwarePrint system.

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