Employee management, creating employee accounts with various rights and obligations.
Automation of order flow (status and sub-status handling)

Production management

The module enables full supervision over the production course of orders. Each product is implemented according to a separate scenario.

Creating separate employee accounts, additional accounting panel. Production control, shipment, job queues, employee occupancy.

The main functionalities of the Production module

A module that allows you to manage the production process by creating detailed sub-statuses in the main status “In print”, as well as creating employee accounts and delegating individual people to handle sub-statuses.

Production management

System of supervision over orders and employees
Full supervision over the course of the order
Possibility to create any number of statuses and production sub-statuses corresponding to the relevant processes in the printing house
The ability to adapt the production process to the product
Advanced mechanisms for controlling the course of performed tasks

Create any number of employee accounts

Production worker panel
Accountant panel
Shipment panel
The number of tasks assigned to individual positions and persons
Insight into the number and time of tasks performed by employees
Clear, modifiable list of subsequent employee tasks
Granting access to selected system functions to a specific employee

Expended technological card

Possibility to generate / print a technological card
Possibility to change statuses using QR or bar codes
Automatic entries of start and end times for subsequent production statuses

Stock levels

Possibility to create inventory lists
Possibility to set warnings when the amount of goods in the warehouse is low
Stock management using Excel calculators

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