Automatic verification of the correctness of uploaded files.
Bleeds, DPI, CMYK, Number of pages needed for printing.

Work support module for
your graphic designers

The system enables automatic checking of files sent by clients.

After uploading the files, the user receives feedback on the verification results, with an annotation what should be corrected in the uploaded file.

Main functionalities of the Preflight module

Preflight allows you to instantly check the file in the order panel. The customer receives tips on proportions, DPI, color palette and the number of projects required in the order. He knows what needs to be corrected in the file, gets feedback whether the file meets the criteria for printing. By using the Designer module, you can extend Preflight with additional functionalities. Ask for details with your sales representative.

File validation

Automated validation of files related to an order


All raster images are extracted from pdf and the dpi is counted for each of them separately. If it is too low, the user will be notified about it


Preflight checks if the colors in a given project are written in CMYK

File size

The system has a tolerance of dimensions build in the scale: small, medium, large, very large. If the system requires the size of 90x50 and the client uploads a sample 91x51 - the system will not reject files with the previously configured tolerance


Bleeds-Set separately for each product

The number of pages

Preflight checks the number of pages according to the settings saved in a parameter in a given product

Extensions support

Preflight checks jpg, gif, and pdf files

Graphics panel

Preflight associated with the graphics panel

Infinite knowledge base and help on the spot

If you are looking for help in operating the IwarePrint system, check out our - a technical guide to the IwarePrint system.

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