Automatic subcontracting of production
and cooperation with other on-line stores

Dropshipping / Outsourcing
Automation of cooperation between stores

​The Outsourcing module is aimed at printing houses, advertising agencies and their partners
who subcontract their production.
It is also a great solution for those who want to expand their product range
without having to buy new machines.

Automatic Outsourcing

Outsourcing makes product management simple and much less time-consuming.

​Your partners receive all the necessary information about the order directly to their systems. When the order is paid, you will be informed immediately and the product will be automatically transferred to your partner for production.

In Outsourcing, you also have constant insight into what is currently happening with your product – you can monitor the status of the subcontracted product at every stage of production.

The main functionalities of the Outsourcing module

The partners receive all the necessary information about the order directly to their systems. You also have constant insight into what is currently happening with your product.

Product distribution (outsourcing):

Possibility of sharing your products with other printing houses, as well as printing agencies using the IwarePrint system
Possibility to share all products that are created in your online store in iP

Dropshipping of the product:

Possibility to enlist products from other printing houses and printing agencies using the IwarePrint system
The outsourced product is "pulled" in real-time. The customer always sees the current price-lists


Contact details - entry
Types of shipping (courier type)
Type of package: default - with sharing type - courier

Outsourcing Settings:

Phone number
E-mail address (for contact)
Name of the printing house


The base amount is the same as for the subcontractor
Percentage margin
Manual addition of margin
Completion time modifier - percentage (%)
Delivery time modifier - number of days
Automatic subcontracting


Automation of subcontracting products
Automation of advertising gadgets

Payment notifications:

Information about an order being paid
Handing over the product to production

Outside implementation:

Shortened time of handling orders with subcontractors
Ordering data is directly in the panel

Order control:

Insight into the execution of orders

The acceptance method of shared products:

Decided by the owner
E-mail confirmation
Possibility to turn off e-mail confirmation

Setting discounts:

Default discount visible to everyone
Possibility to set individual discounts

The base amount same as for the Subcontractor:

Possibility to set the base amount the same as at the subcontractor's

Different base amount:

Possibility to set a different base amount

Percentage margin:

Possibility to set a percentage margin, i.e. the margin of the product in relation to the base price

Added margin:

Possibility to set the added margin, i.e. the amount margin added to the product

Lead time modifier:

Ability to set a percentage modifier of the completion time

Term payments:

Possibility to set up term payments for a given product
Possibility to set up term payments for a given contractor

Delivery settings:

The ability to choose the type of shipping in the basket the same as a subcontractor

Shipping labels:

Labels generated with the data of the Subcontractor

Transfer of the order to production:

Automatic or manual

Payment for the order in relation to the Publisher:

On-line payments
Traditional payments
Term payments


Files uploaded by the client, visible in the panel for both, the subcontracting and outsourcing party

Comments on files and status changes by both sides:

Visible to the client (in the client's panel) administration panels
Visible in admin panels in the preflight section
Visible in the file manager

Production statuses:

The production statuses are changed by the subcontractor
Changes based on your own settings in your system

Possibility to send comments between subcontractors and outsourcing party:



The shipping labels are generated by the Outsourcing party with the relevant data of the Subcontractor

Exclusions of parameters, volume:


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