A modern CRM designed for sales representatives of companies from the printing industry and their management staff

A tool for work for sales representatives,
employees of the Customer Service Center

All the necessary information in one place without wasting time obtaining it. Calendar, notes, to-do list, integration with e-mail.

Efficient creation of commercial offers and sending them directly to the customer. The module also allows you to create a custom product with a quote.

The main functionalities of the Merchant module

The merchant module will calculate the price for the customer before the discount and after it is granted, the merchant’s commission, will provide important statistical information – including data on comparative analysis, the amount of the representative’s and printing house’s commission.

Creating and editing offers for customers from the level of the Merchant Panel

Ability to create offers containing one or more products
Possibility to add additional services
Possibility to change the discount and commission in the form of an amount or percentage
Possibility of sending the offer to the customer
Possibility to place an order for the customer
Possibility to prepare drafts of the offers
Ability to clone offers
Possibility to cancel a sent offer before its acceptance (in the offer details: Delete button)
Possibility to download a PDF file with the offer

Non-standard product in the Merchant Module

Ability to create a custom product using typed text parameters
Possibility to include a non-standard product in the offer for the customer

Organization of the work of a merchant

Ability to add tasks to the Task List
Possibility to mark tasks as completed
Ability to delete tasks

Merchant's calendar

Access to a calendar of events dedicated to a given merchant
Possibility to add events, e.g. meetings with the client
The ability to change the calendar view
Possibility to change the time or move the event to another day

Customer list

Ability to add clients to the list
Possibility to add a client from the client base
The ability to independently enter the data of a new customer
Possibility to edit shipping data
Possibility to edit invoice data
The ability to add notes in the customer panel
Possibility to configure an e-mail client

Order control

Access to the list of orders
Access to order history
Access to the details of the order
The possibility of cloning the order
Possibility to upload files directly from the merchant's panel


The ability to receive and send e-mails
Support for attachments
The ability to use the basic functionalities of the mailbox

View merchant's statistics

The ability to view the trader's statistics (the "statistics" button at the top of the page)
The ability to view statistics for individual customers
Access to numerical statistics presenting sales in a given period in the form of numbers
Access to an automatically generated sales chart that distinguishes the base value of sales from commission and rebate
Access to details such as the number of offers sent, the number of finalized offers, and the level of effectiveness

Adding a new merchant in the system and managing an employee (from the administrator level)

Possibility to add a separate employee and assign him the role of Merchant
Possibility to choose the type of employee: Standard or Customer Service
Ability to enable/disable available sales products
Possibility to define the maximum discount level (in %) for individual products
Possibility to assign or pick up a customer
Possibility to view employee sales statistics
Possibility to set a fixed commission for merchants

Possibility to edit a PDF file for offers created in the Merchant Module

Possibility to edit the PDF view of the offer
Possibility to edit the view in the CMS tab-> Own views -> Offer view (pdf)

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If you are looking for help in operating the IwarePrint system, check out our - a technical guide to the IwarePrint system.

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