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Payments – orders awaiting payment are sent here, except for timely payments. Orders paid for and cash on delivery automatically go to Prepress.

Prepress – at this stage, you can assign a graphic, download customer’s files in the order details, or send a reminder about uploading them. After checking and accepting the order by the graphic designer, it is transferred to production.

Production – a preview of orders with the status In print. When expanding the system with the Production module, we gain access to the functions of creating new, assigning, and tracking print statuses for each of the products.

Shipping – a screen of orders that are at the shipping stage or have been shipped.

Invoices – apart from issuing and archiving them, you can customize the invoice template to your needs.

Term payments – at this point, customers defined in

Settings> Term Payments Settings.          

Complaints – complaints submitted by customers in their panel go here.

Completed, Canceled, All – screens with orders divided into categories.

This view contains the order filter. You can filter orders by an order number, date of submission, date of status change, the user or print status.

You can also view product orders for points here.

Tab Settings allows you to define the order nomenclature format and the time after which the order is at risk of delay and delayed.

From here, you can export orders and delete orders and invoices.

Invoices for resellers – issuing invoices for resellers (only with the reseller module)


Outsourced – Visible when the Outsourcing module is enabled.

Timely payments of outsourced orders – Visible when the Outsourcing module is enabled

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