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Control Panel

Did you know?

The control panel presents illustrative statistical information on the current Sale, File Preflight, Orders in progress, or the current Sale on the e-store. These are preview views, refreshed twice a day.

Detailed data can be found in dedicated plants in the side menu of the iP system.

Buttons for:

  • Payment
  • Prepress
  • Production
  • Shipment
  • Delayed
  • Complaint

They transfer directly to the listed events in the system.

The control panel is already available from the e-commerce module level.

Description of the individual sections of the Control Panel below

Table – The occupancy of the printing house in the control panel

The Printing House occupancy table is visible in the Control Panel only if you use the Production module.

In the e-commerce module without the production module, you operate on 4 main statuses: New, Paid, In Progress, Completed.

The Production module allows you to break down the main status In implementation, into any number of sub-statuses desQcribing the production process, such as, for example, printing on a machine, sending for printing in another printing house, bindery, imposition, digital printing, offset printing, guillotine, folding, gluing, sewing, binding, foiling, UV varnish, shipping, etc. Each product can use all or part of the sub-status.

The module allows you to create any number of employee accounts and delegate individual people, automatically or manually, to handle specific production stages

System events

System events in the Control Panel display the most important information related to the operation of the store.

Preview information for the Administrator about all occurrences in the system with the possibility of filtering on Employees, Orders, Users, Errors. View available in the e-commerce module.

View of employees in the Control Panel

In addition to the System Administrator, the employee roles in the system are:

  1. Worker – production worker
  2. Accountant
  3. Merchant – available with the merchant module
  4. Customer Service Office employee – available with the merchant module
  5. Graphic (prepress) – available with the e-commerce module

A detailed description of Employees can be found in the section on the Production Module.

Late orders

Informs about delayed Orders in the system. From here, you can go directly to the Order and see what stage of production it is at and who is dealing with the given Order.

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