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Administration panel

Did you know?

Administration panel

Printing house command center with all modules running.

The upper bar of the Administration Panel

Stock availability

The icon will be visible if the function that allows you to monitor the inventory in iwarePRINT is run. Only available in the Production module.

Ticket Tracking

The communication system between your printing house and our helpdesk. If you have questions about the functionality of the system, you have not found the answers to your questions in our FAQ or you want to report a bug – click on the envelope symbol.
An instructional video presenting the inquiry submission process here: link.

Quick setup

Quick configuration was created to minimize the time needed to adapt the system. It is available by clicking the orange gear in the top menu.
It allows access to the most important configuration elements without knowing the system. With the help of simple wizards, we will set basic data (companies, correspondence), upload a logo, configure the SMTP server or products. Each operation has an estimated time of completion. We start the process by clicking the wand on the left or the Start button on the right.

The language of the printing house

It allows you to change the language if you have created a new dictionary.
Settings> Main Printing House: Translations

Choosing a Printing House

If you are using the Reseller module, you can switch between stores here.


If you need to quickly find a menu item, product, order, or help article in the FAQ – use the search engine!
The search engine is located at the top of the Administration Panel.
It searches several resources at the same time, so for the sake of convenience, the search results have been divided into groups:

  • Menu – the link in this column will take you to edit the item you have searched for, eg by entering „Parameters” in the search engine and selecting the result on the left, you will be taken to the parameter editing menu.
  • Help – each link in this column will take you to the selected help article or tutorial video on our FAQ.
  • Assortment – by entering the name of one of the products and selecting the search result, you will be taken to the product edit menu.
  • Users – the search engine finds your customers, among others, by parameters such as name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, order number, or even the product they ordered.
  • Orders – orders will be found after entering the first part of their name. After hovering the mouse over the selected order, an additional window with detailed information will be displayed.


Hints are available in each view – just click on the question mark:

To expand the menu and view the available help articles for a section:

All aids (instructions, tutorial videos, FAQ) have been collected in KNOWLEDGE BASE.

Switch view

You can quickly switch between the administration panel and the store by clicking on the thumbnail in the upper right corner of the screen. It’s an easy way to check new products or corrections in your printing house.

You can also easily go from the shop view to the printing house management panel – when you are logged in to the system as an administrator, the Administration Panel button will be available in the upper left corner – one click is enough to go to it.

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