Designer module in the iwarePRINT 2.0 system

Published 30 listopada 2021

It is already here! What’s more, in 2 versions! The Designer module consisting of the Print Designer and the Packaging Designer has just been added to the iP offer.

The Designer module is the 7th module of the iwarePRINT system. You can find out more about the basic e-commerce module and the remaining 5 modules (production, outsourcing, merchant, reseller, preflight) at – here we will mainly focus on the News about the Designer module.

One module – two design tools and two independent licenses

Within the Designer module, we have TWO independent tools and TWO independent licenses to choose from:

1) Print Designer module

2) Packaging Designer module

There is a lot of information to pass, things to show, so we will divide the entries into several parts, where we will gradually introduce you to the world of Designer in iP. In the first post, we will deal with the Print Designer.

We will devote another article to the Packaging Designer on our blog.

It is worth mentioning at the beginning. In order to be able to use the Print Designer module, it is required to have at least the E-commerce module (i.e. an on-line store) in the iwarePRINT system.

Print Designer module – what is it?

In fact, most of the products for which you need the Designer in your on-line store are included in the Print Designer module. Simply put, it is a module that allows you to create graphic designs on products that you have available and that you offer in your online store using the online canvas (or, if you prefer, an on-line editor).

What products can be designed in the Print Designer module?

  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Leaflets
  • Photo calendars
  • Photo book
  • Photo albums
  • Stickers
  • Branding
  • Socks
  • Cups
  • Flags
  • Phone Cases
  • Puzzle
  • Envelopes
  • Pens
  • T-shirts
  • Flip-flops

and many others…

The client can create individual graphic designs using the Designer from graphic templates prepared by you earlier. He also has the ability to create a project completely from scratch using the „Empty Template” function.

In fact, you are limited only by your imagination and the range of products that you will introduce to your store in iwarePRINT.

What are these templates?

These are the base project templates. On their basis, the client will be able to create his own design or edit those prepared individually by your printing house.

Creating graphic designs by your client is closely related to graphic templates. The graphic templates for projects are created in Adobe Photoshop (PSD files) or Adobe InDesign (IDML files). Each printing house creates templates for projects individually. The number of templates and formats is endless. It is simply heaven for your graphic designers. What about the voices of those who say the only right work is done in Illustrator? For the templates themselves, we have a list of necessary markers that effectively help you limit the possibilities of editing of particular items.

Photoshop (PSD), inDesign (IDML)

It is in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Indesign that you create templates, mockups (used in the Imposition and Project Preview), and placeholders. It is at the stage of working in the graphics program that you decide what the client will be able to edit and where. There is no point in going too far into technical details in this entry. It is worth adding that you can use intelligent objects in PSD templates, you can create photo placeholders (with frames, non-rectangular, irregular shapes). You can generate files with variable data and in the Wizard itself, you create safety lines, folding lines, and cutting lines directly in the system.

Different scenarios for different products!

It is easy to imagine a situation in which the customer, when purchasing photo calendars, decides to buy them in June, would like his calendar to start from that particular month and end in May 2022. A customer who designs a mug in the Designer wants to be able to change the color of the mug at the design stage and not decide about it at the product configuration stage. Yet another customer who designs a rectangular sticker would like to be able to see if it would be better round on this specific product created by him. Is it possible? Yes, of course. Different products may have different scenarios (Types) of handling. The Print Designer may have a completely different path for Business Cards (project + preview), a different path for Calendars (selection of the initial month), another path for Photo Images (we plan to integrate with Adobe Stock soon), or for T-shirts, Flip-flops (views 3D) or advertising padlocks.

Own galleries, own fonts, product categories and more.

How to test?

How to sign up for a presentation?

How much does the Designer Module cost?

Purchase of the Print Designer module from among the two available subscription versions.

1) Subscription version – one-time annual fee

• Print Designer (annual fee) EURO 4,800 net

2) Subscription version – monthly fee

• Print Designer module (monthly fee) PLN 500 net

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