The basic IwarePRINT module. Additional modules can be selected for it,
which expand the system with additional functionalities.

Advanced platform
and a multitude of solutions.

​After selecting the product of interest to him, the customer receives an immediate valuation
and the option to order the product online.
The e-shop allows you to view the order history, online payment, project sending,
tracking the stages of implementation and the route of the shipment.

Main functionalities of the E-commerce module

You configure advanced processes with ease. We provide you with a number of flexible solutions, from full graphic management in CMS to modification of technological processes.

Internet sales

Online store for the advertising and printing industry

Integrated CMS

Unlimited management of the appearance and content of the website

Extensive products

Defining parameters, price lists, descriptions, photo galleries, templates

Graphics modification

Possible modification of graphics based on system skins (2 responsive to choose from)

Advanced pricing

Possibility of creating any complicated calculation

Customer panel

History and re-orders. Management of uploaded projects

Uploading files

Possibility to attach files to orders

Online payments

Immediate posting of payments to the printing house's account (payU, paypal, Sofort, DotPay, Trust Pay)

Timely payments

Possibility to pay for the order within a specified period after completion of the implementation



Loyalty program

Rewarding customers with redeemable points for purchases

B2B relations

Tools for servicing key customers


Support for newsletters and mailing campaigns


Complete SEO support

Measure conversions

Unlimited possibilities of placing analytical codes

Google Analytics

Google analytics and Google e-commerce integrations

Sales statistics

Sales reports for printing houses, products, customers, and many more

Client Groups

Grouping customers in order to give a discount or send mailings

Promotional products

Creating "quick" promotions, e.g. for a specific volume or grammage


Automatic invoicing of realized orders

Technological card

Printout of a technological card with the details of the order

Email notifications

Automatic communication with the client after the occurrence of specific events

Managing the methods of delivery

Possibility to define any methods of delivery and settlements

Ordering a courier

Integration with courier companies enabling ordering parcel collection from the system level

Delivery cost calculator

Possibility to calculate the delivery price based on weight, division into packages, etc.

Order grouping

Possibility to combine orders into packages


List of orders after the warning time has been exceeded


Handling the complaint process

Messages from the printing house

Information for the supervisor about the incidents


Per customer, per group, per cart, per orders, product discounts, parameter set discounts, codes per customer, codes per product, codes per cart item, codes sent after paying for the order

Social media

Possibility of integration with all social networks

Upload files

Directly from the shop's panel

Store lock

The ability to block the store from unlogged users

Customers opinion

Customers can leave opinions about your store

Free samples

Possibility to order free samples

Custom forms

Create your own forms with any fields


API that allows access and operations on objects in an Internet printing house, such as orders, products, customer files and users

Building dictionaries

Possibility to translate the store for customers into any language


Possibility to sell in EU countries with a zero VAT rate

Different rates for different products

VAT rates based on ISBN / ISSN numbers

Extension module

Possibility of integration with external applications, incl. Freshmail,, Google Merchant, Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

Infinite knowledge base and help on the spot

If you are looking for help in operating the IwarePrint system, check out our - a technical guide to the IwarePrint system.

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