Designer Module

Designer module consisting of two independent Creators and two
independent licenses: Print Designer and Packaging Designer Modules

A module that allows you
to create online graphic designs

The module allows you to create graphic designs on the products that we offer in our on-line store.

The customer can modify graphic designs from graphic templates prepared earlier by the printing house, or create a graphic design completely from scratch, using the “Empty Template” function.
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Main functionalities of the Designer module

In order to use the Designer module, it is required to have a minimum of the E-commerce module in the IwarePrint system. Tests of the Designer module as well as the decision on subscription cooperation on this module are made on the website:

What products does the Designer Module work on?

Business cards / Posters / Flyers / Photo calendars / Photo books / Photo albums / Stickers / Socks / Mugs / Flags / Phone cases / Puzzle / Envelopes / Pens / T-shirts / Slippers and more. Any dimensions. Products with single and multiple pages

Graphic templates in the Designer Module

Otherwise basic project templates. You can modify graphic designs from previously prepared graphic templates, or create a graphic design completely from scratch, using the "Empty Template" function. We upload Adobe Photoshop (PSD files) or Adobe InDesign (IDML files) to the Designer Module

Safety lines

Possible to set crop, trim, bleed and margin lines either by mockup or directly in the backend of the system

Preview and mockups

Vector PDF output
3D previews
Mockup templates to preview designed products
Possibility to set Preview's DPI
Overlays that are visible or invisible during printing
Possibility to download the result file by client

Text editing

Text placeholders
Support for custom fonts without installing them in the system
Stroke and shadow text effects
Curved text
Single line and multiline text, text areas and groups

Photo editing

Support for photo placeholders
Solid and image backgrounds
Support for following file extensions: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SVG, PDF
Support for user photos uploaded from their devices

Template preperation

Vector masks and vector shapes
Support for smart objects
Flexible control over what users can do with particular elements on templates
CMYK print templates

Backend settings

Possibility to select whether the template should be loaded in basic or advanced mode
Possibility to reorder files / pages in templates
Possibility to copy templates between the main printing house and the reseller printing house. Icon in the Prepress tab in the System Administration Panel showing whether the project is approved for printing
Possibility to clone templates (including their settings)
Possibility to choose manually the DPI margin for the displayed notifications of image quality.
Creator names the template pages based on file name + the ability to enter page names manually


Possible to create impositions in Photoshop

Frontend settings

Possibility to save products and continue editing them later on
Indication whether images have enough resolution to be printed on a design without quality loss
Variable data printing
QR codes and barcodes
In-string placeholders, both value lists and masks are allowed
Spot colors and color themes

Different scenarios for different products

Choice of a leading month in calendar creation
Option for layout change in photo albums
Restricting or limiting edition of sertain projects or precise parts of the design

Main functionalities of the Packaging Designer module

We provide a demo of the packaging creator individually during a video meeting. Possible purchase is only in the one-time payment version. To use the Packaging Designer module, it is not required to use the Designer module. In order to be able to use the Packaging Designer module, it is required to have a minimum of the E-commerce module in the IwarePrint system.

What products does the Packaging Designer Module work on?


Packaging Designer module - two design methods

Possibility to enter your own box size (typed by hand).
Possibility to choose packages from predefined and ready-made box sizes

The Packaging Designer module supports eight box models:

ECMA A20.20.03.01 ReversedTuckEnd
ECMA A20.21.03.01
ECMA A55.20.01.01 DisplayOuterSnapLockBase
ECMA B21.05.00.00 GluedBufferWallTray
ECMA F70.01.00.00
FEFCO 0215
FEFCO 0217
FEFCO 0717

Packaging Designer module - Design process - three main stages:

Generating dieline. Personalization of the box design. 3D visualization of a custom box

Demo of the Packaging Designer module

After individual contact with an iwarePRINT sales representative

WWW / Creator Demo

Infinite knowledge base and help on the spot

If you are looking for help in operating the IwarePrint system, check out our - a technical guide to the IwarePrint system.

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