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Published 18 sierpnia 2022

Release version 10.3 appeared on systems on July 15 this year. What changes did the July update bring? Take a quick guide to the 10.3 update release.

Release 10.3

As you may already know, we develop IwarePrint on a monthly basis. We described this in detail in an article „IwarePrint updates on a monthly basis”

Every 15th of the month, our SaaS customers’ systems go to a higher update version.  In the month of July, there is already version 10.3 available

Release 10.3 New features | Bug fixes | Upgrades/changes 

We divide the updates into three independent segments. New functionalities Bug fixes. Updates/Changes 

New functionalities – extend the IwarePrint system with new functionalities. 

Bug fixes for functionalities – we eliminate bugs in functionalities that were already in the system and were identified during work on production systems. 

Updates | Changes – that is, update changes to functionalities that are already in the system. These are not bugs, just new minor features or updates to existing functionality.

We have already written about this in previous updates, but it is worth reminding. As of release 10.2, customers using the older version of the system, which includes the E-commerce Module in the update versions receive only Bug Fixes to existing functionality as well as Updates and Changes. New functionalities are added from this release only to IwarePrint 3.0 (replaced M. E-commerce). We adopted the same change path for the Production module. On May 15, 2022, there was a  release of the Production Module 3.0, which replaced an older version of the Module. New functionality in the Production Module now only applies to Production 3.0 Other modules, and the new functionality introduced to them, remain unchanged. Everyone who currently uses the Merchant, Outsourcing, Reseller, Designer or Preflight modules also receives new functionality introduced to these modules. If, of course, there is functionality for the listed modules in the current release. 

New functionalities – Release 10.3 

–        automatic cancellation of orders after a specified time [IwarePrint 3.0] – INSTRUCTION 

–        Remembering products in the shopping cart even after the customer logs out [IwarePrint 3.0].

–        contrast option on the store’s website. You can see it in action on our Showroom [IwarePrint 3.0].

–        custom styling of the technology sheet of the combined processes [Manufacturing 3.0].

–        implemented updated integration with SMSAPI [IwarePrint 3.0] – INSTRUCTION

–        added the ability to set up and display other related products in the product [IwarePrint 3.0] – INSTRUCTION

–        Added ability to add additional out-of-stock costs to post-calculation [Production 3.0] – INSTRUCTION

Bug fixes – Release 10.3 

–        label error after typing receipt point in lower case [IwarePrint 3.0].

–        subcontract acceptance request notification error [M. Outsourcing].

–        error of multiple customers per tax ID in M. Merchant [M. Merchant].

–        parcel weight update error after editing parameters [IwarePrint 3.0].

–        material preview error in the top bar [Production 3.0].

–        error sending order notifications to an employee who is no longer in the system [IwarePrint 3.0].

Updates/Changes – Release 10.3 

–        the graphic representation of completed orders has been changed. Entire blocks in black and not just underlining [Production 3.0].

–        a horizontal line separating production stations was added to the Gantt chart [Production 3.0].

–        Password security has been improved, passwords in the system will be further encrypted [IP System].

–        automatic deactivation of a misused API key [IP System].

–        PlaneUpload on IP 3.0 [IwarePrint 3.0].

–        reservation of materials will be visible when the merchant submits bids

–        added pagination in order and material consumption windows, when you click 'Show more’ button, more items are loaded [Production 3.0].

Those who want to see the new features from the 10.3 and 10.4 are invited to the Webinar „News in IwarePrint – Releases 10.3 and 10.4” on August 31, 2022. Registration for the event HERE


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