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Published 30 maja 2022

IwarePrint is normally sold as a SaaS model in a subscription (monthly) model. We also offer the purchase of IwarePrint 3.0 in a standalone license. In conjunction with this offer, we are now launching the purchase of a standalone license in a leasing offer. IwarePrint has partnered with GRENKELEASING Sp. z o.o. to provide leasing services to potentially interested customers.

In previous years and in the previous version of IwarePrint 2.0, we sold the system with all modules in a standalone (owned) license, with no choice of additional modules. The customer deciding to purchase the IwarePrint system in the standalone license version decided to purchase the system with all 6 modules i.e. E-commerce, Production, Outsourcing, Preflight, Merchant, Reseller modules.  The only optionality was the Designer Module.

New IwarePrint 3.0 offer in a standalone license – you decide which modules to use and which to purchase

In the new IwarePrint 3.0 Offer, as in the subscription version (SaaS), it is the client who chooses which modules they want to purchase in addition to, of course, the mandatory base IwarePrint 3.0, which in the new version has replaced the E-commerce Module. As in the subscription offer, the customer is free to choose which additional modules they want to use every day at work.  

Depending on the number of selected modules, the final selling price of the system in the standalone license is created. 

Currently, IwarePrint has six additional modules in addition to the base IwarePrint 3.0 

·         Moduł Production 3.0

·         Outsourcing module

·         Merchant module

·         Reseller module – Multi Printing House

·         Preflight module

·         Designer module consisting of two independent licenses. Print Designer module (separate license) and Packaging Designer module (separate license) 

Leasing in the offer of GRENKELEASING Sp. z o.o.

Interested customers can use the Leasing offer of GRENKELEASING Sp. z o.o. to finance the purchase of the IwarePrint system.

GRENKE was founded in 1978 in Baden-Baden, Germany. The first branch in Poland was opened in 2003. It specializes in two business areas: factoring and leasing, which will be handled with the purchase of IwarePrint system. 

GRENKE is one of the largest independent companies leasing fixed assets, especially IT equipment and software. In Poland, it has been a leading leasing company in financing IT infrastructure for years. 

Lease agreement for the purchase of IwarePrint system

When purchasing IwarePrint, we are talking about a traditional leasing. This is the most popular form of leasing, concluded for a predetermined period and ending with the transfer of ownership of the IwarePrint system at the end of the contract period.

No initial client deposit is required for a traditional lease. The leasing company assures you of fixed, unchanging (throughout the lease) installments, which is important today with rising interest rates. 

The leasing contract is done online in five steps

  • Select the item and the financing offer from GRENKE.
  • Complete and submit the lease application.
  • You receive a leasing decision.
  • Sign a contract.
  • Collect the leased item.

The lowest monthly offer starts from 750 € 

This lowest one is obviously the base IwarePrint 3.0

The basic lease term is 36 months.

Payment frequency: monthly

The final installment is a purchase of the IwarePrint system.

The calculation itself is based on a fixed interest rate. There is no risk of instalment increases throughout the term of the lease. 

Depending on the selected additional modules, the final price may vary 

The price will be different if the customer chooses to work with the base IwarePrint 3.0.

The price will be different if the customer decides to add an additional module or modules to the base IwarePrint 3.0. Reminder – there is a possibility to choose as many as six of them: Production 3.0, Outsourcing, Merchant, Reseller – Multi Printing House, Preflight and the Designer Module consisting of two independent licenses, which are Print Designer and Packaging Designer. 

You can discuss the detailed Offer and which Modules to choose with our representative.

Contact with IwarePrint 

Łukasz Głośny | | mobile +48 533 025 708 

Contact with GRENKE Poland 

Tomasz Gutowski | | mobile +48 691 711 180

WWW: |


Write to the above mentioned representatives for more details or an individual offer.

We guarantee that by addressing your contact to the above indicated, your question will get into the most competent hands.


#IwarePrint Team 

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