Help us help you! The 2022 census of clients

Published 06 maja 2022

A census of clients, users, and decision makers who use IwarePrint will take place from May 10, 2022 to May 30, 2022 as of May 6, 2021. Originally it was to be held much earlier in previous years, but the date was extended for unknown reasons : ) Dear client, we wanted to let you know that we want to meet you and we are coming to you.

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Before I go forward, a word of introduction. Let me introduce myself. 

Do we really know each other? 

I certainly don’t know you very well. I have been working at IwarePrint since February 2022. I am mainly involved in data analysis, statistics, and process automation. I operate slightly on the side and help all departments with their work. Sales, Customer Service, Developers and Testers. I’m their „reminder”, trying to keep things on schedule and improve ongoing projects. I am the bridge for communication between departments within our company. The type of person who is all over the place. I am a freshman in the printing industry. Over time, I also intend to „catch on” with our clients. Where? For example, on various social networks or by sending emails or even arranging meetings. Why? To gather feedback and eliminate potential communication problems. I don’t work strictly in Customer Care, I don’t answer technical questions, but I am responsible for efficient communication and automation of related processes. Also for collecting feedback and surveys from clients. That’s what I was hired for. My Employment Agreement states that I am to make business decisions based solely on data, tests and surveys and not intuition. It’s hard to argue with that. If anyone intends to add me as a friend on FB or Linkedin I am available. I speak Polish, English and Russian. We can even try it in Spanish.  

In the near future, we want to organize the first major survey on efficient cooperation and communication between us.   

Some statistics to get you started 

I don’t need to know the industry to know that the time you can spend educating yourself to understand how our product works is becoming scarce. Statistics say that 27% of professionals and managers struggle to find time to learn new tools or processes. However, 61% say they are open to learning something new if the result is to improve the quality of their work. We also know that only 31% of those surveyed said they are actively looking for these types of solutions. We are fortunate that you already use our solution. We would like to know at what stage of acquaintance we are now. Which system functionalities do you use. Which ones you should pay attention to in order to optimize your work. We want to know if you are fully utilizing the capabilities of our system within the modules you have.   

I’ve come to realize that not all of you can use, let alone know, many of the important features of our system. I can see it from the visitor statistics Technical instructions in our Help section. I can see by the number of requests in the ticket system. To make matters worse for IwarePrint, I can also see this by the number of sign-ups for the regular events titled News in IwarePrint. 

Someone is clearly failing here. It’s either us not being able to reach our own clients with communication, or you who don’t realize the vast possibilities that IwarePrint offers. There is also an even worse possibility for us (although it also provides some direction) you are not interested in them. I think the error lies elsewhere, let’s check it out. 

This may sound far-fetched, but in the long term – taking full advantage of your system’s capabilities will lead you to increased sales revenues or optimized production, among other things. Anyone who doesn’t like the word revenue enhancement and production optimization should cast the first stone.

How can we make a difference?

You’ve probably heard it already. It is madness to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results, Albert Einstein once said. Why don’t we just talk with each other? 

Customer Success Management has questions for you. Sales department as well. IwarePrint’s tester department has suggestions on how to improve collaboration when submitting bugs for reproduction. I am sure there will be questions from your side during such a meeting. I think we’d all would like to know at what stage of acquaintance we are now. 

When will we knock on your virtual door? 

On dates between May 10, 2022 through May 30, 2022 we would like to meet with you for 45 minutes. An online meeting would be pretty awesome. Our representative will try to contact you and arrange a convenient time for the parties. If the idea is worthwhile for you and you like the concept of it – let’s automate. Who wants to be the first to sign up for a convenient time WELCOME TO BOOK A MEETING  See you in a couple of days.   

Best regards, 

Igor W Woźniak 

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