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Published 24 maja 2022

We have been developing a template-based online designer at IwarePrint for the past two years. The designer allows you to create and customize both simple printing products (from business cards, through invitations, to billboards), photo images, calendars, family albums, puzzles and even board games. If you specialize in advertising gadgets, clothes or even flip-flops you will surely find the use of our tool in your offer. It’s worth looking more deeply into the topic of the Designer in the IwarePrint ecosystem for several reasons. First, we launched a new website (we show off). Second, we have prepared a completely new Offer (for large, small and medium). Thirdly, we kind of wanted to point out that you don’t have to be a printing company to have your own online print shop. Did you know about it?

Must have for your online print shop customers

Added value for your customer 

At a time when lead times and prices for products are pushed to the limit, a print shop or advertising agency that wants to establish itself in the e-commerce market needs to provide added value. The added value can be technology, interesting products, perfect customer service or a decent tool that the customer will be able to use in an intuitive and simple way. I will immodestly say that we have a solution for this. 

You’ll find an intuitive store in our IwarePrint 3.0 offering in a combination with the Outsourcing Module, which allows you to operate in a dropshipping model with other printers and other agencies running on IwarePrint. You will also find added value in the Designer Module, which works with both your own products and the dropshipping model. Of course, it’s not that there can’t be several added values. In this particular case I already see at least two (intuitive store, dropshipping model), but for the purpose of this article I’m focusing on the Designer. 

I often talk to clients, contractors, and not everyone can understand it at the first glance. With IwarePrint’s dropshipping model, you don’t need to own a fleet of machines. You do not need to invest in extensive machinery to expand your product range. You don’t even have to be a printing company. You simply create YOUR own online print shop. How does it work? You set up an online store with us in the base IwarePrint 3.0. Additionally, you expand the system with new functionalities (additional modules) i.e. Outsourcing Module, which enables you to import products to your store from other printing houses or advertising agencies (if you are interested in advertising gadgets) in real time (you add your own margins) and start selling (you work in classic dropshipping). Okay, if we have that – let’s go back to the Designer. 

Designer – Must have for your online print shop customers

The added value to your customer is the designer that is connected under all these products. The printing house, from which products you enlist and which will carry out the production and shipment for your client on your behalf (only your data appears on shipping labels), is sure that files created in the designer meet all the standards of preparation for printing. Everything runs smoothly and in full auto.

You can see how the designer works at

What products can you create in the designer? 

Products and projects can be created in unlimited numbers. You can create products in the IwarePrint system any way you want. What you offer on your store in combination with the designer is up to you. Do you want the designer enabled on business cards but disabled on spiral notebooks? Ok. Do you want it to be enabled on all products? By all means, this is also possible. How can we be so sure? Because graphic design creation is closely related to graphic templates. Graphic templates are the base design templates. Already at the stage of placing the order, the customer can create individual graphic designs for the ordered product using the Designer, from previously prepared graphic templates. Customer can also create a graphic design completely from scratch by using the „Blank Template” feature.

The customer of the printing house decides for himself whether he wants to create his own design or edit the ones prepared individually by the printing house. The printing house can create thousands of combinations for editing. The graphic templates themselves for the projects are created in Adobe Photoshop (PSD files) or Adobe InDesign (IDML files). Templates for projects are created individually by each printing house. The number of templates and formats is endless. You can leave the maximum editing options to your customers, or you can keep them to a minimum. When creating a design, the customer has a real-time preview of the product. Visualization possible in both 2D and 3D. Customer can use fonts provided by printing house, or upload his own fonts. The system informs him about cut lines, safety lines, bleeds, etc. 

What version of the Designer will work for you and your client?

We have prepared an Offer for the Designer in 3 different versions. BASIC, FULL and PRO

For a detailed offer and subscription breakdown, please visit :

Your client would probably choose the FULL and PRO version, but the choice is yours – I’ll just elaborate in three sentences. The versions differ significantly from each other. If you need a simple designer for simple business cards, invitations, banners – in general products that don’t have to have many complex functionalities it is likely that BASIC version will meet all your needs. If your products are more complicated, if you prefer 3D visualization, if you want to create photo-albums, complex advertising gadgets, fancy products, if you would like your logo to be in the creator (instead of ours) – here it is worth to pay more attention to FULL and PRO versions. In PRO and FULL version our team helps to configure the whole Designer module. The Designer needs to be prepared to work. This is worth keeping in mind. 

The Designer may have completely different path for Business cards (design + preview), different path for Calendars (choose starting month), still completely different for T-Shirts, Pens, and Mugs. We show this on our website.  

Interested in learning more? 

Fill out the form and sign up for an appointment. We’ll be happy to tell you all about it. You can fill in the form on our website, but you can sign up for a meeting directly HERE

Packaging Designer – a word of introduction and conclusion 

Finally, it is worth mentioning that we also have a Packaging Designer.

Operating independently as a separate license. We provide a demo of the capabilities of the Packaging Designer during individual video presentations. It is possible to purchase the Packaging Designer only as a one-time fee.

If you find this topic equally interesting, just fill out the Registration Form on our website and select which option you are interested in first ( Designer in Basic, FULL or PRO version) or the Packaging Designer module.

A short teaser was supposed to be released – but we neded up with a longer piece.

If you find the subject of this article interesting, please contact us. 

We look forward to hearing from you
Łukasz Głośny
# IwarePrint team

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