Conference: Dropshipping and outsourcing in the printing industry

Published 12 maja 2022

Join us for three special events! Conference: Dropshipping and outsourcing in the printing industry. First meeting will take place on 20.05.2022 in Wrocław. The next ones in Chorzów (27.05) and Cracow (10.06). At the meetings you will see the possibilities of full automation of outsourcing and dropshipping in IwarePrint and network with other printing houses and advertising agencies working in this model.

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Do you represent a printing house and want to do production for other print shops or advertising agencies? Or maybe as an advertising agency you want to enrich your offer and sell products from different business partners on your website by creating your own online printing house?

What you will gain by participating: 

  • You will establish cooperation with other Printing Houses and Advertising Agencies
  • You will learn about automated cooperation in IwarePrint 
  • You will see our latest tools: Template-based designs editor

Where are we going to be?

20.05.2022 – Wrocław | 27.05.2022 – Chorzów | 10.06.2022 – Kraków

Registration for events 

Register for a free event in your city. Meet future business partners and book your attendance at the conference.

More info, registration: 

Event organizer

IwarePrint 3.0 For over 13 years we have been co-creating the web-to-print industry in Poland and we are one of the market leaders. Over the years, over 150 companies have used and are actively using our product. We have clients in every part of Poland. Our services are used by printing houses in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and Hungary. Among our clients we have offset, digital and large format printing houses, as well as advertising agencies. We constantly organize online webinars, we have our own podcast ’Talks in Color’.

We invite you to join us.

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