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Published 02 czerwca 2022

Ahead of the upcoming event „Conference Dropshipping and Outsourcing in Printing Industry” in Krakow (10.06.2022) we refresh our earlier interview with one of our speakers who will appear at the event in Krakow. We ask – Kserkop answers. 3 quick questions, 3 quick answers. In the Kserkop Printing House, the printing is carried out mainly on HP Indigo equipment, which gives a wide range of possibilities in terms of substrates and possible finishing. Kserkop operates in dropshipping in the Outsourcing Module in IwarePrint by offering its production services.

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What is your strongest area, what do you specialize in? Kserkop specializes in digital-offset printing. The leading technology used for printing is HP Indigo. We specialize in photo printing but also in commercial printing (i.e. printing for business purposes, such as business cards, invitations, labels or catalogs).

The second area of our printing business is working with large e-commerce companies and getting orders from them for printing services.

What will you talk about during your portion of the event? At the event we will talk mainly about the offer addressed to advertising agencies, small and large companies that want to automate the printing processes for their customers, using our modern machinery It will also be important to provide information about our w2p platform and to present the target group for potential cooperation.

What kind of partners do you want to attract and what do you hope to take away from the event itself? Our goal will be to meet new potential business partners and to exchange experience in industry meetings.

Thank you for the interview!

Dropshipping and outsourcing conference in the printing industry 10.06.2022 (Kraków). Registration for the free event required:

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