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Published 26 maja 2022

Before the upcoming event „Conference Dropshipping and outsourcing in printing” (27.05 – Chorzow, 10.06 – Krakow) we want to refresh our earlier interview with one of our speakers. We ask – answers. 3 quick questions, 3 quick answers. are experienced bookbinders with a modern fleet of printing machines. You can order books, catalogs, brochures, and albums from them. They are just entering the market with an offering for the HoReCa industry.

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What is your strongest point, what do you specialize in? We specialize in carrying out low-volume orders requiring complex and often unusual finishing in the bindery, such as cutting into any shape, wrapping on cardboard or a non-standard way of joining.

What will you talk about at the event in 2-3 sentences during your segment? We will present an offer for HoReCa industry, which dynamic development we have been observing for some time. The need to frequently update products used by hotels and restaurants allows contractors to earn money on both the graphic design and production of final products. We will show you how to attract new customers by taking advantage of the high quality and personalization possibilities of our products.

What kind of partners do you want to attract through the event and what do you promise yourself from the event itself? We are looking for agencies and companies that want to expand their offerings with products targeted at a specific industry, such as the HoReCa industry. Reaching a specific group with a tailored offer will bring tangible benefits to all parties.

Thank you for the interview!

Conference Dropshipping and outsourcing in the printing industry > 27.05.2022 (Chorzów) | 10.06.2022 (Kraków). Registration for free events: 

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